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Juneau is the current capitol of Alaska, where it is rumored that teams of dogs lead men to mines of gold and bears out number humans 2/1. When disscusing Juenau the small white logging town of Sitka, may arise in conversation. It is best in these situations to ignore the subject of Sitka, as it's residents are still some what sore that it is not the capitol.
No wonder why Juenau is the captiol Josh, Sitka blows ass, through a tracheotomy tube.
by Alexander March 08, 2005
An derogative name for someone of a different racial creed to that of your own, usually someone who has offended you.
"Some nappa has pilfred me pillons lid" = Some person of other creed has stolen my bicycle helmet
by alexander May 01, 2004
in germany used by mostly turkish rappers like Samy Deluxe, to refer like nigga but digga by the D in Deutschland(german for germany)
was is los digga? what is up digga in german/
by Alexander December 07, 2004
A man of which has many other male lovers
"tal is such a manslut"
by alexander November 30, 2003

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