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171 definitions by al-in-chgo

Hunky, Hungarian-born gay actor and model, and quintessential "muscle bear". Miklos lives in New York City but appears in erotic vids filmed on either coast.

"Who was that great-looking guy with the wide smile?"

"That was Arpad Miklos who, as usual, played the top."

by al-in-chgo March 03, 2010
A guy who plays the part of a homosexual in lucrative exhibitions such as XXX pornography, but maintains he is really straight, only gay for the money.

"Chris Rockway says he's 23, from Lincoln, Nebraska, and only gay for pay."

"Really!! He's from Lincoln?!?"

by al-in-chgo March 02, 2010
Means achieved orgasm, reached orgasm, climaxed sexually. To use "came" or "cummed" for an orgasm in the past tense? People actually get into arguments about this.

1. One argument is that since "cum" is pronounced same as "come" it's only natural to use the past tense of "came".

2. OTOH: A sportscaster would not say, "The batter flew out to left field." If the batter hit a pop fly, the sportscaster would say, "The batter flied out to left field." "Flew" in this case is absurd (except for a Red Bull commercial!). So by analogy "cummed" is acceptable.

In this writer's opinion, either "came" or "cummed" is acceptable. If you want an alternative that doesn't sound like a sexologist uttered it, there's always climax/climaxed. "I just orgasm'ed" is possible, too, if a bit stilted.

This is truly a case that argues for liberality of usage among even the most conservative speakers of American English. You do yourself and the language harm to over-scruple, and your sex life might suffer, too!

"I came four times last week by beating off." --

"Oh dang, I think I just came." "You mean you don't know?"

"You cummed in my mouth. You said you wouldn't." --

"Oh shit, I just cummed early." "Don't worry, big fella, you'll live to come again."

(The tag section has other possibilities.)

by al-in-chgo February 22, 2010
from car TRUNK + trick OR TREAT. A style of Halloween trick or treating where children solicit candy and other goodies not from households but from car trunks in an entertainment style similar to tailgating. Trunk or treating has its origins in late 1990s Utah but has since spread to some other locales, generally small towns or suburbs in the Midwest and South. To host a trunk-or-treat event, a sponsoring entity (usually a local church) will offer its parking lot on Halloween afternoon and evening. Participants agree to bring their cars and stock the trunks with candy. A growing custom, there are now websites devoted to explaining the ritual and offering tips for decorating car trunks in Halloween themes.
"Jimmy won't be home 'til almost dark. He's going to trunk or treat with friends."

"Do you mean trick or treat?"

"No, trunk or treat. The kids go to church parking lots and get their candy from the parents' car trunks."

"The younger generation has it too easy, if you ask me."
by al-in-chgo November 02, 2013
By the mid-1970s "Asshole Buddies" had lost its primarily military connotation and became a slang term, more commonly used in the American South than in other regions, to denote two very close male friends who have come to know each other intimately, though not necessarily sexually. Even if they are having sex, they may nonetheless identify as straight.
." Lonnie and Joe Bob? You hardly ever see one without the other. They've been asshole buddies for years."

by al-in-chgo September 24, 2011
1) Stretched out or lying flat with one's face to the ground; or

2) Exhausted, enervated, lacking in will or energy.

Not to be confused with "prostate" (one 'r'), the interior male sexual gland responsible for about two-thirds of the volume of male ejaculate (semen).
"All hail the power of Jesus' name, let angels prostrate fall...." (18th-Century Protestant hymn).

by al-in-chgo March 06, 2010
Slightly devious way to spell "boner" (erection, stiffie). The pronunciation of "boaner" is the same as "boner" and means the same, but it enables online posters of certain ask-question-get-answer websites to slip the word past an unaccomodatingly severe censor bot.

A borrowed car is a Loaner,

A bad pun is a Groaner,

A woman who's loud in bed is a Moaner,

But a raging erection is a Boaner.

by al-in-chgo February 24, 2010