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an amazing person! they have sunflower eyes and are perfect in every way. someone you love <3
I love you Buffa.
by Goofy/*Princess* April 30, 2011
someone who is sexy...and buff who makes you feel like your the one and only, they make yo melt everytime you look at them!! normally have eyes that look like the sunshine or sunflowers <3 only used on guys
as i saw this guy sitting on the bleachers thinking he is so dreamy and tone/fit i called him buffa!
by tooshiewooshie3 April 22, 2011
A Portuguese word used to describe flatulence.
Oh my god!!! Lawrence, that buffa smelled AWFUL.
by ROBERT REDFORD June 22, 2007
When a suspect individual inserts a drug, or drugs through the hole of their fruity booty.
DUDE, BRO, I'm about to buffa this half gram off molly, extacy, beer bong, etc.
by Big Perv May 12, 2013
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