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a person who acts stupid enough to have shit for brains. they usually (or most times) say stupid things like "eew cooties!!" and acts very immature
Guy: this computer is gay!
Girl: Shit Head
Guy: what did you say about my cooties?
by aissjdo April 17, 2007
the thing a girl "inserts" when she has her period. has to be changed every 4 to 8 hours to prevent the growing of bactiria which can be fatal. (also see pad)if not inserted far enough it can be uncomfortable.
i have to go to the bathroom to cange my tampon, cause its uncomfortable to sit and feel like i have an erection.
by aissjdo May 03, 2007
when you pr someonelse finds you attractive. term may also be used when someone is sexually attracted to you
person1: damn! shelby is hot!!
person2: i know! look at that hot bod!
person1: shes hot.
person2: i wish i was as pretty as her.
by aissjdo April 17, 2007
An abbreviation for give it to me or give me it. Often used when you don't have time to say the entire sentence.
guy 1: *takes book*
guy2: gimmet back!
by aissjdo April 24, 2007

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