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4 definitions by afcb stu

Slang term for the English coastal town BOurneMOuth.
I asked Dave if he was coming into BoMo for a drink on Friday night after work.
by afcb stu October 20, 2006
Slang for Piles or haemorroids.
Mary has quite an impressive Anal Vineyard after a bad case of the runs.
by afcb stu October 07, 2006
When you are having sex in the doggy position and look down on a womans arse crack only to see copious amounts of arse hair. Thus resembling half a pound of roll your own tobacco wedged between her cheeks.
I shagged this pig last night but she had a Tobacco Crack.
by afcb stu October 11, 2006
To wipe your arse crack over your victims nose in a forward and back motion. Thus leaving a shitty smell in their nose.
Eric was so annoying that Dave gave him a bum wank.
by Afcb stu October 07, 2006