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spanish slang for fat
damn dude, I got all panson during chrsitmas break
by AdamRamone March 27, 2005
an enclosed area within a room usually made in he same fasion as a child's pillow "fortress". used to smoke pot in. made famous by Joe Strummer
Joe's been in the spliff bunker all day writing, wonder if he's got anything good down.
by adamramone September 20, 2007
Hey this is your chance
To do the pogo dance
So get your both feet up off the ground
What goes up - must come down.

Pogo Dancing
Its the greatest thing that's going round.
Pogo Dancing
Why move from side to side
When you can jump up and down.

Pogo Dancing - Vibrators (1976 RCA)
Dude, that guy can really pgo!
by AdamRamone March 26, 2005
Short for Virgin In Denial. A person who talks about being promiscuos, but is not promiscuos at all. So he/she make up stories about sex romps becasue they refuse to accept the fact that he/she (usually he) is indeed a virgin.
Dude, Nick is a total V.I.D.
by AdamRamone March 26, 2005
hand-rolled cigarrettes laced with marijuana. sometimes called "work pot". its supposed to get you high but not so high that it will make you unproductive.
oi! give the lad an english joint and get him to work on that tune!
by adamramone September 20, 2007
pot used by people (usually musicians and other artists) when they want to get high, but not so high that it will prevent them from fucntioning.
give him some work pot and get on with it!
by adamramone September 20, 2007
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