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another word for big, bubbly breasts.
Wow, she's got great jublees.
by abstrak8 March 14, 2005
A way of telling someone to back up, or move.
Whoa! Back back! Gimmie 50ft!
by abstrak8 March 14, 2005
A word describing someone very weak in character or someone who wants to be someone/something they are not.
All this crime in the area is caused by these little roota-poot gansters.
by abstrak8 March 14, 2005
To be high, or the act of getting high off of marijuanna.
Hey, you wanna be branched today?
by abstrak8 March 14, 2005
It is a slang combination for the three words: oh but no. Like Aw, but, naw. An expression used when something happens and you don't just want to say "oh shoot" or "oh, no" or "aw naw" but in actuallity really meaning aw yeah.
Ooh here comes that sexy new girl, awbutnaw!
by abstrak8 March 11, 2005
To be watching "Sex and the City".
Where is Sylvia? Oh she's in the room, she's citied.
by abstrak8 March 14, 2005
To breath over food. The act of opening your mouth as to say "ahh" over a plate or spoon of someone else's food.
Here, take the chicken! You already Hobbed on it!
by abstrak8 March 14, 2005
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