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A single unit of measurement for an ass. An aw yeah is gender neutral and can be expressed by the following equation, where HPC equals Handfuls Per Cheek, mole equals atomic mass and x = people in the room.

(jlo/HPC) * (ga-dunk-a-dunk/mole) = a + w^x + yeah
check that ass. is that an aw yeah? awwwwwww yeah!
by Daddy Gnarbucks July 15, 2008
An expression often used by the Jersey Shore cast, more specifically, Pauly D. It is shouted at random times and is used for no apparent reason. Used to show exitement or agreement. Mostly followed by another "aw yeah!" by another cast member as an echo.
randomly at dinner time...
pauly D: "aw yeah! champaigne yeah!"
by fxyshzm October 25, 2010
aw yeah! is what black people(or people making fun of black people) say to express understanding any given point made by some other black person(or person making fun of black people). always to be used in a loud, low-pitched voice.
arnold- i just saw kimberly getting undressed in the bathroom that connects our rooms.
willis- aw yeah!
by g-ring April 26, 2007
A party game that two men take turns playing in a crowded atmosphere. The men pretend to be talking when they spot a girl with a nice, tight butt and the man with his back to her backs towards her until they make contact. He then moves his butt across hers from side to side and maybe even a little up and down motion. While the two men pretend to conversate, the "Rub-ber" will say, "Aw yeah?". He repeats this process, getting louder in volume and frequency to display to his buddy how nice her ass feels. Childish, but a good way to pass time.
Jen must have been oblivious to Mark and I playing "aw yeah" with her. Eiher that or she enjoyed it so much she didn't say anything.
by JJ Pride November 10, 2007
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