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When two of an item are packaged together in a store.
"I'm going to get a tupac of deodorant. Do you want anything?"
by Abe Carroll August 17, 2005
a person who sacks balls
Look at brian working in the park what a BALLSACKWER!
by Abe Carroll September 11, 2004
I don't know what buttsachary is, but I sure wish I did.
Seriously, does anyone know what buttsachary is? I'm tired of not knowing!
by Abe Carroll November 28, 2006
If you flip a shit you are about to stick it
"flip a shit bryan! flip a shit!'
by Abe Carroll July 25, 2004
something soft & yummy
put cinnamon on your titties i bet they taste like sbumble
by Abe Carroll July 25, 2004
how you show you want it.
"give me 10 on that, dickweed!"
by Abe Carroll July 25, 2004
1. a penis
2. a boof that is in working condition and not broke
"i wuz going 2 put my pingal in the pingal but it turned out 2 be a boof."
by Abe Carroll July 25, 2004
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