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Hairy Jewish male; generally over seven feet tall; proficient in hand to hand combat, hyperspace navigation, small arms repair, accounting, or civil litigation.
(1) That Jewbacca's butt is so hairy that his ass would stick to velcro!
(2) I bet I could shave my name into that jewbacca's ass.
by Abe December 02, 2004
On a scale of 1 to 10, hes a 14 of awesomeness. Hes by far the best DOTA player known, and coolest arab in the world. Matt, Muhammad, Ramzi, Red, and Niel aren't half the dota player he is. Also very cool.
Ibrahim is too awesome.
by Abe December 02, 2007
WOW (Whip 'em Out Wednesdays)
Greatest radio promotion of all time, created by the "Opie & Anthony" radio show. Listeners would place "WOW" bumper stickers on their cars, and on Wednesdays, women fans were encouraged to flah their bare breasts at cars with the stickers on them.
"Now ladies, be sure to WOW those cars today. Make some poor guy's day by giving him a treat on his way home."
by Abe April 12, 2004
A grown ass man, a bad ass mutha fucka
Ibrahim is a Zalama
by Abe June 10, 2004
a mouth bacteria that is introduced by sucking the penis of someone who has had sex with a dead body.
tom is a necrophiliac and tiffany sucked his cock, now she has mites
by abe November 16, 2003
Cingular the number one cell provider in the USA in terms of covrage and amount of people. Since they bought out AT&T they are number one with the best phones out there and best quailty service GSM.
man 2: WTF is wrong?
Man 1: i need to place a call and i have SPRINT PCS
man 2: use my cell its CINGULAR..it works almost everyware even in most casinos!
by Abe March 16, 2005
Big Boy With Lil Package and member of SWC,,, They enjoy cock sucks and deposits in friends coke bottles
you are a muz
by abe December 03, 2003

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