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On a scale of 1 to 10, hes a 14 of awesomeness. Hes by far the best DOTA player known, and coolest arab in the world. Matt, Muhammad, Ramzi, Red, and Niel aren't half the dota player he is. Also very cool.
Ibrahim is too awesome.
by Abe December 02, 2007
the biggest and macho man on this earth, his 'guns' are so big he is able to swim through land. he cannot wear a shirt due to his biceps being so enormously large, the sleeves rip. his facebook picture brings all the ladies to the yard. be scared of him, dont talk to him if he does not like you. this species of mankind can be found in GWA, Dubai. STAY AWAY FROM HIM!
Guy 1: Bro! Ibrahim is such a jerk
Guy 2: Oh, dude! no! you dont say his name, his gonna kill you now!
Guy 1: WHAT!? omggg nooooooo

Girl 1: Who do you think would win a fight, ibrahim or chuck norris?
Girl 2: Neither, they are both the same person.
by jibba-jibb January 18, 2011
A man with dashingly good looks and a heart so caring and pure. He has the most captivating dark eyes, you could stare into them for centuries on end and never get sick of them. His smile lights up the room and his laugh brings joy. The sound of his voice alone is the cure to all ailments of the heart. His intelligence is unreal. His presence is appreciated by all who know him. He carries himself in a way you can't describe. If he runs away with your heart, it's impossible to turn back. Everything he says and does is simply perfection. Ibrahim is a role model for all men and is every girls dream boy.
Girl: I've got to find me a man like Ibrahim
by Anonymous786 November 25, 2014
Has a great life, he's a very happy person but when sadness strikes, it strikes hard. Has a unique way of thinking and is always up for anything, he never wants anyone to be sad and hates only a few. He is a handsome person with a nice sense of humor. When you look into his eyes it's hard to look away, his body is sexy and he's as smooth as a baby's butt, from a scale of 1 to 10, his awesomeness is about 15
Girls look for a man like Ibrahim, but have a hard time finding one
by iAmUnkown January 07, 2015
An ibrahim is a person who, despite thinking themselves rather sneaky and clever, are repeatedly caught red-handed.
"Dude don't be such an ibrahim. One day you'll get blacklisted from this place if you don't calm down."
by Mota Hanthi November 30, 2011
To draw a diagram in the style of Pervez Ibrahim. I.E, one that ends up looking like a penis no matter what it is supposed to be.
"Now class, this is what the Big Bang looked like."

"Wow, that is a BIG bang."
"Yeah, he pulled an Ibrahim."
by Izuki September 15, 2008
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