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Word used to discribe a woman with negative ass. The opposite of ghetto booty. Short for no ass at all.
Man do u see that chick at the end of the bar.
Yeah but she was sittin down when u saw her man, she's got nasatal. Dont even think about touchin that.
by Aaron May 25, 2004
a really huge peice of shit that dangles from ur ass for seveal seconds before dropping off and splashing ur legs with piss and chunky shit. also known as mother of shits, or watermelons.
-i need to use a towel to wipe all the shitty water this huge poopoomajooboo
-man thats raunchy
-its not that bad, gabe bernard ate it so i dont have to clean
by Aaron February 20, 2004
cocaine-hydrochloride (powder form)
Mother: "Samantha open this door right now, youre wedding started 20 minutes ago!"

Samantha: "One second, ma, let me just rail these last lines of yizzle"
by aaron December 04, 2003
this is a word that can mean anything because it really means nothing at all. You can thank the group Digital Underground for this one. It appeared in the song The Humpty Dance.
"I use a word that don't mean nothin, like luptid."
by Aaron May 06, 2003
A spanish girls 15 birthday
casual event
i went to Maria's Quince.
by Aaron November 11, 2004
worst band ever. lead singer w/ extremly high pitched voice. if not for the guitar work, songs would be confused with those of Nsync or 98 degrees.
guy : fallout boy is fucking queer.
girl : shuuut upppp! fallout boy rox my sox!
gay guy: yea totally!
by aaron September 19, 2004
Crash Team Racing, yeah the 'ghetto' playstation game
I am going to play Crash Team Racong.
by Aaron June 03, 2004
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