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Fucking a bitch that doesn't understand silent sex works sometimes as well.. Having sex with someone who can't seem to help themselves and must be noisiest during the action.

This created by Me.. Emperor of Awareness of Time.. Not just anything either... Certain things only in specifics..

Yeah my twitter is @aBarkingDawg.. So Tweet me if ya want also.
Sentence I.E (Bill sez: Yeah I just finished "Bansheedancing" wit that bitch.. I bet she's hooked to the stroke I got)
by aBarkingDawg December 15, 2011
Exposed hairy male private part near naked vagina!
Thrifty spokesperson from outta nowhere says while in a room with a woman: I Love Danger Island! I think this time I'll bring california and Haiti together!

Really horny women from in the room near sed spokesperson from outta nowhere says while in the same room: If It Hurts too much then you can't have anymore land!
by aBarkingDawg January 16, 2012
A Bunch of stupidass people who can't seem to make their year right without paying attention to someone they know who uses a computer in a hot room near the window.

Typically this happens because there are people who would like to believe that you masturbait a whole lot.
*Boot-up Noise from "Windows Millenium" Arrives while a comment on it is mentioned*

Stupidass People respond with: Close the window instead of turn the volume down.
by aBarkingDawg January 16, 2012
When a heavy ass women decides to sit in your damn lap by surprise.
Heavy ass woman with sed "Badunka Dunk" sits down.

Reciever gasps for air.
by aBarkingDawg January 16, 2012
True pronounciation of "Jamille"

Actually not much of a social butterfly and a psychologist in the hood.

A name created out of foreign and street acsent.
Guy1 sez: Wazzup Yahmillay!?

YamMan: Nuffin, I can't call it!
by aBarkingDawg January 09, 2012

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