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A slang term for an academically minded and athletically challenged individual.
Did you see Fraser monopolize that academic meeting, he is such a farser?

That group of so-called intellectuals over there with their disdain for undergraduate students are such farsers.

The smartest Grade 12 cannot even bounce a ball - he's such a farser.
by Zuker January 27, 2010
Coming from behind to win a competition.
Hayleigh telesnooked the stock market competition participants with a huge gain on the final day - winning with a $74,600 increase over the month.
by Zuker June 03, 2013
The study of postcards from around the world.
Postcardology allows people to upload, post and write about postcards they have received from around the world and inspire people to travel the world around us.
by zuker April 15, 2011
The business of selling products or services where 100% of the sale price goes to charity.
More and more people are embracing sellanthropy as a means of donating easily to charities.
by Zuker April 12, 2011

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