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when you're spacing out and walking down the street, and boobies catch your eyes, then you have been captured by the hypnotits.
Weasel was going to class, until he was distracted by the hypnotits.
by Zomar September 18, 2007
expression meaning "The longest time"
"Dawg, you went to that summer camp for the illest minute!"
by Zomar August 14, 2005
when you're trying to pay attention to someone but you really have to itch your junk.
Pat was an A student, and always paid attention to his teacher, until he had a discratchin.
by Zomar September 18, 2007
similar to a booty call, but the female (or homosexual male) does the calling.
unfortunately there has never been any record examples of testicalls in all of history :'(
by Zomar September 18, 2007

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