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Yelling any testicle-related words over the telephone, or across long distances. Testicle-related words include, but are not limited to: testicles, balls, nuts, and mansauce activators.
(from across the field) "Hey Johnny!"

While birds perfect birdcalls, young boys often hone their testicalls.
by The Horned Water September 11, 2006
The act of accidentally calling someone on your cell phone when it is stashed in your front pocket, specifically when placed in close proximity to the testes. Applicable only to males.
Damn yo; I just testicalled my ex-girlfriend by accident.
by BombDotComm August 30, 2014
similar to a booty call, but the female (or homosexual male) does the calling.
unfortunately there has never been any record examples of testicalls in all of history :'(
by Zomar September 18, 2007
Lord of all N0blets
Phj34r m3 f0r I 4m t3h k1ng 0f t3h n0bbies
by n0bby January 27, 2004

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