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Yelling any testicle-related words over the telephone, or across long distances. Testicle-related words include, but are not limited to: testicles, balls, nuts, and mansauce activators.
(from across the field) "Hey Johnny!"

While birds perfect birdcalls, young boys often hone their testicalls.
by The Horned Water September 11, 2006
12 0
similar to a booty call, but the female (or homosexual male) does the calling.
unfortunately there has never been any record examples of testicalls in all of history :'(
by Zomar September 18, 2007
1 0
Lord of all N0blets
Phj34r m3 f0r I 4m t3h k1ng 0f t3h n0bbies
by n0bby January 27, 2004
4 14