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A flood of motivation caused by people 'rejecting' you.
A form of "I'll show them".

Initially (TMK)from the song "I'm the one who's cool" by geek-culture web-series "The Guild".
Codex: "You won't date me? Fine, I'll just use that rejection fuel to start RL leveling myself.... Maybe....."
by Zeebeethreebee August 06, 2012
1. A person who is undergoing a manic episode. Can often seem like the person has had a dozen coffees at once.

Symptoms may include increased speech, a rush of thoughts/hard to follow thought trains, compulsive movements (Finger tapping, dancing, darting head movements etc.) excessive energy, reduced need to sleep (Sometimes going for a week or more without sleeping) and increased appetite.
Can also include boosted confidence, a feeling of almost euphoric happiness, increased production of adrenalin and/or endorphins, excessive or lack of libido and a highly reduced sense or fear of danger.

Often highly intelligent and eccentric, though hard to talk to without going far off topic or spending hours listening to one giant spontanious rant.

Most common in people with the medical conditions mania, manic depression or hypomania.

2. A descriptor applied to people meaning to display a near obsessive love of something. See also: otaku
1. John is a maniac. He often goes days without sleep and seems to never stop moving, plus he seems to always be far ahead of his work.

2. Harry is such a footballmaniac. He's been to every home game this season and won't stop talking about it. He's even painted his car in his teams colors!
by Zeebeethreebee August 02, 2012
Someone who shows mistrust, oppression, discrimination or hatred for someone based on their chosen deity/god/religion.

Similar to racism or sexism, but discriminating based on a belief in a magical sky father instead of skin color or gender.
"That old man just went off at that woman for being a Hindu. What a deitist..."
by Zeebeethreebee August 02, 2012

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