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A medical term for a penis under 2.7 inches in length. Also known as Tiny Petito.
Before crossing the threshold Bob paused, riddled with sickening guilt; "what about my micropenis??" he asked himself. What about the micropenis indeed. Bob concluded to forget about his tiny petito for once.
by Zee November 04, 2004
A spontaneous erection of the male penis, usually the result of something completely non-sequitur, such as thinking about goldfish.
So I was at the downtown aquarium and all of a sudden I popped a goldfish. Mom kept looking at me funny.
by Zee January 24, 2005
rapper who loves to wear big clocks. he's in love with a girl named bridgette.
Flave Flav says, "I SMOKE ROCKS!"
by Zee February 13, 2005
a derivation of vagina.
i need some pump pump.
by zee December 27, 2003
a subculture of punk, as is goth. It is a main mix of punk and metal. Some people say it's similar to goth, but they are both unique either way.
the vines
by zee February 07, 2004
Bow the Fuck Down. It is used by AOL's Nintendo Room. It's creator, Lou, is a raging alchoholic who is also homosexual.
1.) "hey all wuts up" "btfd lou you stupid fucking mexican"
by Zee March 10, 2005
Stands for High Definition TeleVision. Widely believed to be anything better than SDTV, however, that is not the case. HDTV and SDTV are infinitely the same and HDTV only beats it out slightly on things like sharpness and MAYBE color. If you honestly can see a difference your brain is playing some serious tricks on you and is basing itself on the facts that everyone else thinks it looks better, so that's obviously the case. It's not.
I bought a HDTV, unfortunately, the quality I was getting when properly hooked up to a HDTV feed was so minimal a change in comparison to my old SDTV, that I exchanged it for my sixteen hundred dollars back.
#sdtv #unworthy #misinformation #misleading #lame
by Zee April 20, 2006
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