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to fuck/have sexual intercourse with a person (or object)
i'd sure love to wedge catrina.
by zee December 28, 2003
A more advanced teaching within the Arts of Boabom
In order to take Yaanbao, you have to learn basic Boabom.
by zee March 21, 2005
all knowing
"He seems to have a petrak knowledge of the situation"
by zee July 28, 2003
Boabom is a science of physical and mental development, an ancient technique of self-medicine through Movement, Relaxation, Meditation, and various forms of Physical and Psychological self-defense.
The Arts of Boabom converge in a path towards self-awareness and equilibrium, helping the student to attain an optimal state of health, energy, and vitality, whether they are 8, 28, or 80.
I went to Boabom lessons, and they're great!
by zee March 20, 2005
Punjabi for yours!!
Twudee manu!!
by zee February 28, 2004
a very random word which your randomly use when you've run out of things to say or you want to break the silence... or the sound of an angry moose. (or tiger)..(or lion)..
person1:: hi
person2:: hello
person1:: how are you?
person2:: great, you?
person1:: good thanx...
person2:: ........rarr!
by zee February 01, 2004
1. Extreme faggot who is always going "WHAT?!" and then bringing up logs from 4 years ago.
"Soup you're a fucking loser."
<Brings up log from 4 years ago>
by Zee March 19, 2005
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