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Big Fuckin' Deal

sarcastic term to describe an overly hyped event which would be as exciting as, for example, crash-out-city, or a fester-val
"Oh, that sounds like a real B F D ",

origin, band ACDC's song 'TNT', with BFD substituted in the chorus and sang in response at a festers' ridiculous comment:
"That's kinda like a B. F. D. -a Big Fuckin' Deal !
by Zack Bathory March 26, 2008
moniker of prominent Australian graffiti artist active from mid-1980s, mainly in Victoria and South Australia.
"check it out, another dope ZAM wildstyle piece"
by Zack Bathory March 21, 2008
statement by oneself to oneself announcing that you are about to undertake intense self intoxication;

stumbling upon a situation which involves extreme tedium or horror and responding with the remark similiar in meaning to "Oh please someone just sedate me already!";
As I entered the kitchen I saw him reach for the bottle of Green Chartreuse and pour a large shot, and before sculling it down he screamed in a drawn-out disturbing manner, " z o m - b i f - f y - m e !" (zombify-me);

Zack paused 'Dawn of the Dead' before poring his sixth triple shot Wild Turkey, and just as he was about to take a large gulp, just barely managed to groan "Zombify-me";
by Zack Bathory January 13, 2008
get wacked, shot, dead.
"If you f--- with me, you get the W";
probable origin, a Cypress Hill lyric
by Zack Bathory March 21, 2008

a city of festers;

the crowd at a Guns 'N' Roses concert (which is ironic really, considering the term partly emerged from the corruption of their song lyric 'Paradise City');

when too many ex-'Greenpeace' members (expelled for smelliness and total lack of personal hygiene) congregate in one area (well I just couldn't say all Greenpeace- after all, they did
"t-r-y", not stopped, but "tried" to stop whaling- hey what the hell are my donations for then!);
"Whoa man, let's get the F n G outa here, it's a goddamn regular festerville up n in this!" panics Sad,
"Yeah Saddywah, those R.E.M. lovin' tree huggin' ferals over there are making my olfactory senses internally vomit, nuthin' but festered-out-city ", observes Zack.
by Zack Bathory March 26, 2008
When everyone goes to sleep;
When the party dies;
When the party-starters are fucked;

When you're the only person with energy left to keep drinking before sunrise and you need an insulting term to describe all your weak pussy-ass friends;

Possible origin,...I hate to say it but I think a Guns and Roses song (maybe because it puts you to sleep? ha ha!)
"Jeez everyone's too tired to go out...am I the only one who is pumped-up or what? It's nothin' but crash-out-city 'round here!";

"Holy shit looks like crash out city up 'n in here!" observes Zack of all the drunken passed out partied-out dudes all over the lounge floor, "yeah, nuthin' but..." replies Damian;

"Hey man I'm fucked, looks like I'm headin' for crash-out-city" Dams slurs to his friend, "What! fuck that, I told you when it comes to Twin Peaks I can stay up forever!" Zack barks out while drunkenly fumbling for the DVD case;

by Zack Bathory January 13, 2008
freak or a freaky person; a person you would not want to associate with;
Also can be used to describe oneself when feeling down;
Probable origin from the character of Uncle Fester from the Adams Family ; and from medical terminology i.e. festering wound- slimy, pus-oozing septic infection.
"Oh my god look at those festers over there!" Says Zack, "What a smelly bunch of freaks", replies Mr Smacs;
"Listen, Mr Wisey, Uncle Fester is all-festered-out, but he's got nuthin' on you, you festered out festering fester fest of a festerval in festerville, festered out fester!" Laney quips;
"Oh crap I better get my shit together I'm turning into a fester", Fordy muses to himself;
"This crappy small town is a fester-ville, see those festered-out dudes? They look like a bunch of
Gleesons let loose in the wild while on a surf safari" Daz remarks;
"Hell no I wont go...those street parties are turning into real fester-vals" states Pierre Condom;
by Zack Bathory January 13, 2008
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