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When everyone goes to sleep;
When the party dies;
When the party-starters are fucked;

When you're the only person with energy left to keep drinking before sunrise and you need an insulting term to describe all your weak pussy-ass friends;

Possible origin,...I hate to say it but I think a Guns and Roses song (maybe because it puts you to sleep? ha ha!)
"Jeez everyone's too tired to go I the only one who is pumped-up or what? It's nothin' but crash-out-city 'round here!";

"Holy shit looks like crash out city up 'n in here!" observes Zack of all the drunken passed out partied-out dudes all over the lounge floor, "yeah, nuthin' but..." replies Damian;

"Hey man I'm fucked, looks like I'm headin' for crash-out-city" Dams slurs to his friend, "What! fuck that, I told you when it comes to Twin Peaks I can stay up forever!" Zack barks out while drunkenly fumbling for the DVD case;

by Zack Bathory January 13, 2008
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