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134 definitions by Zach

skinheads are NOT NAZIS!!!! naziskins are called boneheads. skinheads are people who take pride in their working class heritage and often listen to oi, reggae, or ska. The Skinhead culture began in Jamaica, and was very closely tied to the Rude Boy culture. Some of the original Rude boys were also considered the original Skinheads.
WOW! That skinhead is not racist!
by zach November 03, 2004
The moisture that forms on your taint. It is a combination of asscrack sweat and genetailia/pube sweat. It is by far the worst smelling sent your body can produce.
Matt threatened to smear his taint sweat in Zach's face. What Matt didnt realize is that this secretly turned Zach on.
by zach March 31, 2006
The simplist protoss infantry unit that uses its psionic blades to do 16 damage. Costing 100 minerals it is the most expensive basic unit of the three races.
"En taro Adun! There is no time to waste! We must join our bretheren in battle!" screamed the zealots to zeratul as they charged the mass of hydralisks and zerglings.
by zach June 14, 2006
small black squirrel that runs around like it runs shit. Usually found in urban areas.(Lawrence) known for the largest population
Greg Hyzdu is bent over while Ryan slams him with a squigger right in his ass.
by zach January 14, 2004
Refers to someone having the attention of others as they speak.

Comes from when, back in the day, people would stand on soap boxes in parks and give speeches.
He was out standing on the soapbox, bitching about how the world was unfair.
by Zach May 06, 2004
Soylent Green is People.
Soylent Green is people!!! *looks uncomfortable, probably dies*
by Zach January 29, 2004
a very wet girl who loves it rough.
a joli does not scream, a joli moans.
deeeeaaaammmm that girl is a joli!
by zach October 27, 2004