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screw your roommate; a college dance in which your roommate picks your date for you & sometimes but not always screws you over in the process
Man, I still have to find my roommate a date for our SYR this weekend.
by mdog07 October 28, 2009
6 2
S. Y. R. is an acronym that means "slow your roll."
LB was getting outta control so I told him to S. Y. R.
by Rob R. December 02, 2006
6 3
A lesbian butch top.
"Get on your knees boi"
......"yes syr!"
by Flagging hunter December 08, 2003
14 11
Smoke Yourself Retarded
as in smoking pot/weed
by Zach August 30, 2003
9 8
n. A program originating at ASU that allows an RA to date residents on another floor, having another RA scope their floor for possible date candidates. It is an abbreviation of "Swap Your Rezzo." Formerly known as The REP (Resident Exchange Program).
Yes SYR!
by The SYR Originator March 25, 2003
2 2
Shitty Yellow Rope. That ubiquitous yellow nylon rope that they sell everwhere that you use for everything but doesn't hold knots very well, and gets frayed too easily.
We had to tie down the load but all we had was SYR.
by Malcolm O'Larkin May 19, 2007
1 6