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A mix between a dike and a biatch. Call your mother one today!
Stop being such a Diatch mom!
by Zach August 04, 2004
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Diatch |dē äCH|
The addition of "dude" and "biotch".

• a form of expressing a dude man is acting like a biotch


Dude |doōd| informal noun
Bitch |bi CH | informal derogatory noun

ORIGIN early 21st century (mid 2009)
"Damnit! Jeffrey's always whining about how his girl doesn't cuddle with him on Friday nights anymore. He's such a diatch."
by Big Butta Beats !!!™ June 30, 2009
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A diatch is a douche plus a biatch, which equals a diatch.
"fuckin diatch"
"your my diatch"
"screw you diatch"
"mandeep, you fuckin diatch"
by sarah samra August 31, 2006
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