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Feline in nature or appearance.


A tigress or fierce, seductive woman.

Also used in latin names to describe species, such as:

Lontra felina- a marine otter or 'sea cat'.

Urticina felina (Tealia felina) - a species of sea anemone

Genetta felina- the Cape genet
Marty Robbins lyrics" black as the night were the eyes of Felina, wicked and evil while casting a spell."

I wrote my research paper on the marine otter Lontra felina.
by bloodredjaguar February 05, 2010
lingerie. Felina is a family owned corporation, with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The makers of brassieres, panties, thongs, garter belts, bustiers, daywear and sleepwear, some of the world’s most beautiful intimate apparel.
I like your bra.

Thank you, it's Felina.
by bloodredjaguar February 05, 2010
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