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Cluck steak is beef jerky. Beef jerky to a cluck IS steak, thus beef jerky = cluck steak. However, the word is almost never used by actual cluck, because that would divulge their cluck status. Clucks use the term 'beef jerky' to describe beef jerky, but non-clucks can refer to beef jerky as 'cluck steak' (and it really doesn't matter if it's peppered or teriyaki).
1st Cluck says:"Hey man, let's finish off this lightbulb full of meth and then go and get some beef jerky."
2nd Cluck says: "You mean'cluck steak.'"
1st Cluck: "Huh? Whatever man, hit this."
2nd Cluck: (inhales)
by Z October 14, 2003
Like spiffy but more fun to say.
That show is spiffy keen.

This dog is spiffy keen.
by Z October 03, 2004
"dude, careful ... you almost spilled the phone all over the place"
by Z December 01, 2003
Name given to Cassie by McPimp due to her distinctive? voice.
Yep Man Voice was over at Dale's last night riding raw
by Z February 24, 2004
A bigger woman. We're talkin 300+ pounds of raw fat. Usually particularly stinky.
Today on the bus, Wojnar stole my bagged lunch.
by Z June 15, 2003
to be so intoxicated that it is not possible to be any more intoxicated
Stuart was munted after the 22nd beer.
by Z March 30, 2003
See also: Michael Moore
"Michael Moore is a deceptive, lying fucktard."
by Z May 30, 2004
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