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one who is cool to the extreme
ignore all other definitions
that rhys mcnamara guy is so cool lets go party with him
by z August 21, 2003
A word made up by S-Dot.
HAAP is not a f*** word!
by Z April 10, 2005
The current leader in moo hacking.
That kid was just a script kiddie, he was no Catspaw.
by z September 27, 2003
As above, but a note on the origen of the term. Skutter is like smog, two words being squashed together to synthesize their meanings. Where smog is smoky fog, a skutter is a skank from the gutter. A skutter is a dirty slut.
"bitch, get off me you filthy skutter!"
by z March 15, 2005
Halt and Catch Fire. Obscure but legendary microprocessor operation, supposedly included for test purposes, that could actually ruin the CPU chip.
"So, how do I end this program?"
"How do I pause in the middle?"
"How do I terminate a loop?"
by z October 27, 2004
Che- meaning "far out", "wow, thats neat" in New Zealand Maori
"Che, thats sweet alright"
by Z May 12, 2004
One who speaks and/or thinks as the people of Holland Michigan who are half Dutch and half Canadian and that say words such as "Godammit".
Allis is such a godamn Dutch Canadian
by z December 25, 2004
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