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To /whois someone
Shaine23 was whoising me becuase they're a stalker
by Z April 20, 2003
n. 1) a tacky word used to avoid further elaboration on a boring subject as it causes the second party major headache while trying to figure out what it means. 2) a meaningless word used in place of another word whose existence or meaning can't be recalled by the user.
boring person: yeah, i just put out a memo to remind everyone to turn in their OPR reports--
intelligent person: well there must be something wrong with my shpooga connection because i didn't receive it.
wife: honey, what did you do with my curling iron?
husband: i thought you gave me shpooga {permission} to use it.
by z May 07, 2005
An idiot, dolt or stupid fellow. Often a lame mutha fucka, a Danos or Chris
Pick that shit up you fuck'n chrizz mop
by Z February 19, 2005
anyone who dresses like a goth, and acts like they dont care about anything. fags, who wear black and think there being "original"
"wow, theres so many fuckasswierds at out school".
by z March 16, 2004
Bullshit, something out of order or mixed up, something that you don't feel like explaining
What did you do today?....Oh just a bunch of garble.
by Z June 11, 2003
Very shady, suspicious, or downright crazy.

derivative or sketchy
This whole situation is sketchatron.

She is such a sketchatron.
by Z February 11, 2005
The alias Ranma Saotome (from Ranma 1/2) uses when he is female and around his mother. He stops using this around Volume 33, when his secret is revealed. Anyone who hasn't read or seen Ranma 1/2 SHOULD!!!!
"Oh, hello Ranko, a bit early for swimming is it?"-Nodoka Saotome
by Z January 07, 2005

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