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something George W. Bush is
You. are. TERRIBLE!
by your best idiot April 07, 2010
when somebody tells you something you (don't) want to hear
Guy 1: Everybody knows you suck at fighting back
Guy 2: Don't Give Me Crap you duckfuck
by your best idiot April 05, 2010
the 8 children of Bowser. They have a unique personality, from smart to hopped up on crack. This is the list
Iggy: hopped up on crack
Lemmy: ball-loving fuckhead
Roy: strong emptyhead
Wendy: the only female
Morton: fat dumbass
Ludwig: smart for no apparent reason
Bowser Jr.: fuckin' badass
Larry: lying, cheating freak with a mohawk
the Koopalings ARE fucktards, they always let their guard down
by your best idiot April 07, 2010
A police expression for: Shut the fuck up!
Guy: Why me? WHY GOD WHY!?
Cop: You have the right to remain silent!
by your best idiot March 28, 2010
1) The best kind of sidekick you'll ever get! Best known as the strongest chimpanzee in the Donkey Kong series

2) To wear a red cap and you're favourite food is bananas

3) To be near a muscular friend
1) Diddy: Second banana is what I am!

2) That dude is... imitating? Diddy Kong!

3) I'm Diddy and this is my buddy DK
by your best idiot March 27, 2010
a British game-developing company that careated the still-awesome titles Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Donkey Kong 64 and Conker's Bad Fur Day. Rareware lived it's glory days until 2002, when the assholes from Microsoft's game department (basically game companies they bought out, then dumped) bought them out. Killing every Nintendo-related project they were making.
Microsoft killed Rareware, the only things left are the corpse that is Rareware being reanimated by Microsoft, fucking bastards. the only thing good in Rare's games now are the awesome graphics.
by your best idiot April 10, 2010
a mob-like expression for the phrase "You will die if you hear my secret"
Guy 1: Duuuude, howdja get that Ipod touch?
Guy 2: i could tell you, but then i'd have to kill you
Guy 1: is that a no?
Guy 2: WTF was that supposed to mean?
Guy 1: you tell me,
Guy 2: NO!
by your best idiot May 22, 2010

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