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a mob-like expression for the phrase "You will die if you hear my secret"
Guy 1: Duuuude, howdja get that Ipod touch?
Guy 2: i could tell you, but then i'd have to kill you
Guy 1: is that a no?
Guy 2: WTF was that supposed to mean?
Guy 1: you tell me,
Guy 2: NO!
by your best idiot May 22, 2010
a perfecxt example of Crazy
Iggy Koopa: WHAHEHEE! I |2|_||_Z0|2Z
by your best idiot April 05, 2010
definitely the greatest man of all time
If i met Shigeru Miyamoto, i'd be dazed, confused, and fall on my back

Name could possibly be anglicized as "Gary Meyers"
by your best idiot April 01, 2010
known as: Shit, Crap, Arse Waste, Shite, etc...
the Poo list:

<The Factory> - when you eat too much and the poo collects, like a factory
<The Liquidator> - when you ingest a full few gallons of water, so the poop comes out as a liquid
<The Fiery load> - when you ingest hot food and the result is dry, irritating poop, rather than hot
<The Sweetcorn> - when you eat a lot of corn and not all of it has been absorbed, so the ones not absorbed are in, or around, the shite
<The Killa> - when you eat too much and the result can potentially kill you
<The Orgasmo> - when you try to shite, but end up shiteing with constant moans and groans, and then eject-ulate
<The Packed Snow> - after a wild night of having cum thrown into your arse, you shite white shite instead of brown shite
<The Grazer> - when the shite grazes your inside and you shite bloody shite
<The Bladdoshaker> - when you shite, but during the shite, you involuntarily take a piss as well
<The Bunny> - when you shite pellets instead of clumps
<The Wider one> - when your shite looks wider than it is long
<The Stranded> - when one shite is strung to another by a string, common to string eaters
<The Drinker's load> - when discarded beer mixes with your shite, turning it into a shade of yellow
<The Snake, The Spring> - when your shite coils up

i had to shit what making this list
by your best idiot April 19, 2010
opposite of Erectle Dysfunction, Erectile Dysfunction is where you can't get boners. Erectile Override is where you ALWAYS get boners for no apparent reasons
living with Erectle Dysfunction sucks, living with Erectile Override is humiliating
by your best idiot April 22, 2010
a somewhat strange spelling of the
What dhe fuck you you WANT me to say, mudherfuckers
by your best idiot April 13, 2010
Japanese + Weed + LSD + Pr0n magazines = this shit
Pronounced <hen-tye>
I know Hentai is Japanese Animated Pr0n, but getting high is what gives you this... shit
by your best idiot April 18, 2010

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