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A paper you write before you die to be in effect after you die
i can not explain my Will just yet, it's not my time
by your best idiot April 06, 2010
a term used by Donkey Kong in the 90's tv show "Donkey Kong Country" usually meaning "Falcon Punch"
King K. Rool: HOLY @^&*
*epic kwyjibo-like pwnage*
by your best idiot March 13, 2010
when you think of somnething to do, but when you go to do it, you go "What was i gonna do again?"
memory lapses are fucking crazy
by your best idiot April 23, 2010
dead, nothing else
Guy: i'm +_+ if i fail school
Guy 2: So, lots of people failed school, and lived with it
by your best idiot April 12, 2010
best meal in the world. Vegetarians will snap out of their near-deadly ways to get 1 slice of the meal Italy invented
G1: Dude, i just had this pizza slice, wanna try?
G2: No way man, i'm a vegetarian
G1: That's false man, try it! it's good!
G2: no, i'd rather eat tofu
G1: that last serving of tofu you ate was nothing but pizza! goes with everything!
by your best idiot March 16, 2010
Private email so your parents won't look at what the fuck you're doing
Everybody uses Hotmail now
by your best idiot April 17, 2010
a somewhat strange spelling of the
What dhe fuck you you WANT me to say, mudherfuckers
by your best idiot April 13, 2010

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