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a term used by Donkey Kong in the 90's tv show "Donkey Kong Country" usually meaning "Falcon Punch"
King K. Rool: HOLY @^&*
*epic kwyjibo-like pwnage*
by your best idiot March 13, 2010
Japanese + Weed + LSD + Pr0n magazines = this shit
Pronounced <hen-tye>
I know Hentai is Japanese Animated Pr0n, but getting high is what gives you this... shit
by your best idiot April 18, 2010
1: the famous site known for turning intellectuals into idiots
2: to procrastinate (BAD!)
3: to become a lazy ass who does nothing but skip school and watch it's inbox get flooded with schpam, because of Facebook
4: an excuse for missing planned activities, you addict fuck
5: to stalk people and hide your inner stalker
1: My IQ was 140 before Facebook, now it's 70, durrrr huhuhuh
2: Sorry i procrastinated, i facebooked
3: i'm staying home. i got some facebooking to do
4: Sorry i missed out on our date, me and my best buds facebooked
5: I found you on facebook, wanna facebook?
by your best idiot April 16, 2010
when you think of somnething to do, but when you go to do it, you go "What was i gonna do again?"
memory lapses are fucking crazy
by your best idiot April 23, 2010
dead, nothing else
Guy: i'm +_+ if i fail school
Guy 2: So, lots of people failed school, and lived with it
by your best idiot April 12, 2010
a term that speaks for itself
Dude, Pwnage is pretty much self-explanatory
by your best idiot April 04, 2010
Private email so your parents won't look at what the fuck you're doing
Everybody uses Hotmail now
by your best idiot April 17, 2010

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