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1. Female of the human species. For counterpart, see also Man.
2. Is neither inherently superior, nor inferior to the male. What she lacks, he possesses and vice versus. Only distinguishable via genitalia.
3. Generally an emotional creature due to inherent hormonal physically traits resultant of genitalia necessary for child bearing.
4. Physically weaker than the male and, due to societal emphasis on physical prowess, tends to be forced/assume the role of an inferior or subservient creature thus the "prettier" of the species.
5. Tends to think with the right brain (creative) and thusly tends to be more creative than male counterpart.
6. Eve: purveryed of sin into the world.
7. Biologically, the muscular system of the female is considerably less developed than that of the male, however the bone structure/density of the female is far superior (as necessary for biological reproduction), thus contributing to the longer life span of the female.
8. When treated right, best damn thing any man could ever hope to have.
That poor woman needs an epidural!
That woman is HOW old?!
What a woman!
by Youknowwho June 04, 2003
1.) A terrible flash animator
2.) A Ragnorak Addict
3.) a Loner
4.) An annoying egotistical kid who thinks his shit dont stink
TheGoldCrow beats off to Mickthechampion
by YouKnowWho March 19, 2004
The most stunning and original school play ever staged; superlative in both conception and execution.
Somebody please give the 'skipton-snaygill-embsay-eastby-cowling' posse a goddamn OSCAR!!!
by youknowwho June 02, 2004
An acronym which becca must never discover the meaning of.
I '£!!' '*£$%' '+**' utdid!!!
by youknowwho June 02, 2004
A man with a large cranium
Look, he's got a Deacon Francis!!!
by YouKnowWho September 04, 2003
Some Jewish girl that thinks the messiah has come in the form of water ice from Rita's.

currently resides in PA
Upon arriving to Rita's... "This water ice IS the messiah!"
by YouKnowWho April 11, 2003
A craptastic little town in Vermont.
Aw, you're moving to Colchester? Girl, have fun with the cows.
by YouKnowWho October 14, 2003
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