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A mediocore sprite animator who doesn't have much talent.
Yes this is the real TheGoldCrow. Even go on AIM and ask me if I wrote this. Because atleast I can admitt my stuff isn't good.
by TheGoldCrow January 03, 2005

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1.) A terrible flash animator
2.) A Ragnorak Addict
3.) a Loner
4.) An annoying egotistical kid who thinks his shit dont stink
TheGoldCrow beats off to Mickthechampion
by YouKnowWho March 19, 2004
This Canadian guy I know who is really funny and has cool 80's hair.

HAcoreRD is a hypocrite for calling Crow an RO addict, as HAcoreRD never leaves his PC table....

Crow is also known for his extremely funny flash film featuring HAcoreRD
Crow looks like David Schwimmer.
by Mick March 20, 2004