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Past tense of break.
Dat punk nigga done broke his dick!
by YoMama May 05, 2003
something that rania monica vahe mircea nd demetri can never follow ...
We planned to watch "Black Cat White Cat" a few thousand times but we end up getting drunk and talking about anal sex ...
by YOmama January 23, 2004
yomama yomama yomama yomama yomama
yomamamamamamamamamamamamamama yo mama
by yomama April 08, 2005
school in the "ghetto" where white boys pretend to be black and get beat up. Exhibit A: Ryan Evans
man they think they be gansters but really, they are just so curley.
by yomama April 18, 2005
kickass defense SUV made in the US of A. it got a gattling gun the shoots bullets the the size of a banana. The shooting range if of up to 2 miles. When gun is concealed, the car looks like a regular SUV. But pop the roof and taking out the gun only takes 3 seconds. SO beware. Made 2/4/04.
Raptor is kikass.
by yomama February 14, 2004
Sticking one's dick down a girl or guy's throat, them the one who is sucking eating the cum that comes out.
"Did you hear about that girl who gave that guy a blow job?"

"Yeah, she was deep throating, she swallowed all that cum that came out."
by Yomama May 08, 2004
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