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The amazingly hot wife of The Big Hurt's singer Billy Martin.
Dear God Spellman is a hottie. If she ever leaves Billy I'm going to scoop that up quickly!
by Willie Martinez January 15, 2007
When used as a noun, means coolest mo fo in the shizzity.

Can also be used to represent.

When used as a verb, means: To bang witht he grace of a butterfly, stamina of a rhino, and hang-lo the size of a stallion
(noun) Spellman is the shiznit.

(verb) I gets the stank on my hang lo when I Spellman these hizoes.

by Spellman June 18, 2003
noun- a beast with meaty claws that loves to eat liquid cheese on his sandwiches.

adj- blubbery, robust, busty, voluptous

verb- to move in "slo-mo"
The Spellman got punched in the face.

The Spellman like creatue took up two seats in the movie theater.

The turtle was moving in a Spellman-like fashion.
by John Gianis January 07, 2005