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13 definitions by yomama

house of prostitution
hey u wana go to the terminal ave. brothel?
by yomama June 04, 2003
673 167
Contraction of "did" and "not".
"Ew, girl! No you diant call my man when I was at the sto!"
by YoMama April 01, 2005
10 2
Shortened version of Hennessey cognac, descriptive of the good life, particularly for alcoholics.
I came close to a relapse last night; I saw an old girlfriend at the Club. She was sipping Henn, and it hit me: Henn and titties, titties and Henn.
by yomama March 15, 2004
12 4
Sex act where a person covers the other with food and then proceeds to eat it all off. Food can be anything, cheeseburgers, pizza, pasta...
Mike was happy to see that he had some left over pizza, this way he could give Kevin a dirty Spellman when he got there.
by yomama November 03, 2004
10 5
the best fucking show an movie around
dude did you see the wasabi snooters?
by yomama May 28, 2003
18 19
smallest dick in the world
Damn that kids got a shamedango! What a loser!!
by Yomama March 16, 2005
2 5
World famous German Death-Metal band, which currently performs in katie's basement. be on the lookout for their breakout single, "Du Bist Gut im Mathe" (acoustic love ballad remix)
Totgesicht und die Bereit are just too HARDxCORE for words! \m/
by yomama January 08, 2005
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