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v. (said of a girl or woman or of something she's wearing) --
to render sexually attractive or provacative in a vagy way, thus to make the male observer find her vagy or immediately ponder the fact that she has a vagina
"Those jeans completely vagify you."

"She seriously vagifies that bikini."
by YikeGrymon December 28, 2011
adj. (but different from the definitions already on UD.com) --
sexually attractive (said of a girl or woman), as in it makes you think of her vagina (or at least ponder that she has one)

n. -- a sexually attractive girl or woman
(perhaps upon climbing into bed with your mate, who is wearing a new slinky nightie): "My that makes you look vagy."

(perhaps upon ocular adjustment to a dimly lit club): "Dude, note the vagy in the white shirt at the end of the bar."
by YikeGrymon December 28, 2011
A mom one finds sexually attractive and/or vagy; a more-polite way of calling someone a MILF. Or possibly a less-polite way.
I picked up Lindsay from school today. There was a major herd of vagi-moms there.
by YikeGrymon December 30, 2011

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