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To make more feminine or girly by the addition of chick shit, such as doilies, lace curtains, ornamental figurines, seasonal hand towels, etc. To chick it up.
Steve, those new lace curtains really vagify the game room, or Wow, that Madonna album totally vagifies my record collection.
#syn: feminize #chickify #emasculate #ant: cockify #related: pussify
by j-hus May 21, 2011
v. (said of a girl or woman or of something she's wearing) --
to render sexually attractive or provacative in a vagy way, thus to make the male observer find her vagy or immediately ponder the fact that she has a vagina
"Those jeans completely vagify you."

"She seriously vagifies that bikini."
#sex appeal #turn on #seductive #hotness #lusty
by YikeGrymon December 28, 2011
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