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when someone becomes so fat that their body loses its resemblance to that of a human being and transcends into a shape that can only be described as 'blob'
that lady on the scooter over there doesn't even look like a human. she is so fucking blob fat
by XullioS June 08, 2009
A 21st Century note pass is a text message sent from one person to another person in the same classroom.
Bill and Jane were 21st Century note passing all class today.
by XULLIOS April 21, 2008
When someone corrects someone else and the person doing the correcting is, in fact, wrong, and the person who initially spoke was correct.
14:28 <`sarah> and im also an ungrateful bitch
14:28 <joshua_> grate?
14:28 <joshua_> is that a brand
14:28 <`sepesi> nt joshua
14:28 <scott_> how dumb are you joshua_
14:28 <mike> oh god did you seriously just correct her wrong
14:28 <mike> rofl

"That idiot just corrected wrong." - Correct person
by XULLIOS April 29, 2008
A party that is held on December 21st, 2012 in honor of the Mayan doomsday myth. You will party like there's no tomorrow.
Jill partied so hard at the doomsday party that she died and her world came to an end
by XullioS June 08, 2009
A word used to describe a girl you're seeing to people on the internet.
<xullios> so i was chilling with my lifebabe on my hammock in the moonlight last night and needless to say it was pretty metal
<+aaronamv> lifebabe
<xullios> it's a cool new term
<+aaronamv> like lifebro
by XullioS July 28, 2010
A word used to describe a real life friend to people on the internet.
Lohocla , I have benefited greatly from your musical selections as I am a lifebro with iix, so for that I thank you.
by XullioS July 28, 2010

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