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To put a condom on
To use a condom
I rooted RocknRolla last night!.
did you wrap up?
yeh, i didn't want those std's
by XSpence January 07, 2009
When you are dehydrated and as a result sometimes form a crusty white pastey substance around your mouth.
Ryan went for a jog today, and when he came back he had Cum Mouth. I didn't tell him to save him the embarrassment.
by XSpence January 07, 2009
A chick with a wide girth
That chick is wicked fat.

That girl Cameron is with is wicked fat.
by XSpence January 07, 2009
This is the act of hanging around a nightclub or pub to the last hours of the night to pick up the drunken uglies that remain.
I'm not going home yet, i'm skimming for my next root.

I was skimming last night and picked up this ugly fat chick.
by XSpence January 07, 2009
A place in Rockingham WA where skanks hang out to get drunk, sleep around and give random guys BJ's.
I picked up this easy lay from vibe nightclub last night.
by XSpence January 06, 2009
This is a term used to describe a large ugly woman of a rectangular fridge-like shape.
Being large shoulders and non-shapely.
Man, did you see that woman Cameron rooted last night. She was a fridge.

Look at that fridge over there, she's hideous.
by XSpence January 06, 2009
A discrete way to pronounce someone as a virgin.
See her over there, she's a V.

Cameron's not a V anymore, he did that fat chick at that party last night.
by XSpence January 06, 2009
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