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S/M B/D etc etc
Leathersex is a sexual variation
by Wolf September 09, 2003
when your recieving fellatio and you force your dick into the side of the persons mouth as hard as you can
i just gave your sister a rip-a-lip and she liked it.
by wolf January 11, 2005
stands for Prefers Penis Now
by Wolf April 07, 2003
Deleted from the map in 1945 by the Allies on the grounds that East Prussia was "too militaristic".A tragedy,but the former inhabitants are beginning to return to the area now occupied by Poland and Russia (Kalinigrad).
Konigsberg will one day get natural justice..
by wolf September 17, 2004
Any of a breed of 19-24 year old women, usually blonde (natural or otherwise), who think they are the greatest things since sliced cheese. (Only in their own mind.) They come across as snotty, bitchy, spoiled, psychotic and terminally dull.
Example “Man my girlfriend is such an ostrich honky, I want to kill her.”
by Wolf February 29, 2004
the shortened way of saying see ya later, but also meant in a more negative way.
this party sucks, ee ya lata.
by wolf January 11, 2005
the opposite of fantastic, but a lot more cheery than saying somethings sucks.
i failed my regions, thats fucking queeftastic.
by wolf January 11, 2005

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