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The word that beats anyother word in a contest of words. I win.
pInkXslUshie: freakizoider
pInkXslUshie: beat that!
LaxLupus: i did
LaxLupus: blageryawn
by Wolf September 23, 2004
the act of standing over a person and slepping them in the face. as the person wakes up, you force a fart out in his or her face.
the first one to fall asleep tonight is getting a smelly awakening
by wolf January 11, 2005
steaming pile of mini-gundam turd. seriously.
not related to the Gundam series at all. AT ALL!
by Wolf July 02, 2004
The practice of harvesting fingers or toes from homeless people for the purpose of defrauding a fast food outlet. Practitioners place the harvested digit into a serving of fast food and then claim that the restaurant is at fault.
Bored and pennyless, Jim and Danny resorted to a bum-chopping scheme to try and bring in some cash.
by Wolf April 10, 2005
one who is far below the normal level of intelligence.
you fucked that up- you are such a budner
by wolf May 01, 2003
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