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the shit that sticks to your ass if you sit on the toilet to long when reading the paper. Hard to detect and very hard to clean.
hurry up in the bathroom bro, you're gonna get the flaky ass.
by wolf January 11, 2005
Shit night club for townies (assholes) in Newport South Wales
Zanzibar, a meeting place for cunts
by Wolf March 26, 2003
Derivative of woot. Used in online gaming as a celebratory cry.
WEET! I just capped the flag!
by Wolf May 08, 2003
a place where the NBA acts like bawlahs
supplier's house is usually the NBA's cassanova
by Wolf September 19, 2004
From the bay area circa 1999. Made from the sound of a gun, later goes on to be slang term for a gun.
Keep my finger on my thumper, twist wigs back, head crack. ~E40
by Wolf February 16, 2005
To fuck a girl. Commonly used by rudeboys and other people of similar intelligence. Currently very popular in london
I'm gonna mirk that gal.
by Wolf March 05, 2005
Solid Snake, of the "Metal Gear" series
The DARPA chief is on the second floor basement of the tank hanger
by Wolf March 30, 2005
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