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Short for "permanent period" - usually in reference to one's whose demeanor has a somewhat heavy flow and needs a both a tampon AND a pad, just in case
"Looks like Sheila is your moon sister"
"She's always on her period"
"You mean permeriod?"
by wiznerd1 March 28, 2012
Acronym for anonymous hook-up site "Online Booty Call".
"Jesus Christ, we'll never get any work done around here if Jeff just sits on OBC all day"
by Wiznerd1 September 15, 2009
Short for "Totally Cock-Blocking". Often funnier when used in scenarios when misunderstood by one party for the more common "Taking care of business" abbreviation.
I so would have closed that deal, but Matt was TCB
by Wiznerd1 September 16, 2009
y'know, like a wizard who knows about radians
"Robie is being such a wiznerd right now, he fixed my computer and wouldn't stop talking about complex IT parlance"
by Wiznerd1 September 15, 2009

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