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It is a spin-off of "this is how I roll"

Can be understood as this is how one browses the internet. Some keep a pet nearby, others eat chips!
This is how I scroll **holds cat lap**
Yeah I scroll with my pringles in one hand, mouse in the other.
by WirelessCable August 18, 2011
Shortened form of your fault

Used when it's someone's fault for doing something really dumb/crazy/insane.

To put blame on someone when it is their fault.
It's yo fault we're in this mess!

If you do that, it's yo fault!

Yo fault!
by WirelessCable July 22, 2011
A photographer who is heavily dependent on Photoshop to make his or her pictures look good.

It can be interpreted as a photographer who is appearing to look good when they really aren't
Sam is just starting into photography and already has become a photoshopographer.

If you ever see some of Angie's photos you can tell right away she's a photoshopographer because it's not possible to take a picture like that.
by WirelessCable May 14, 2011
A line flub first introduced to the world by Serene Branson at the Grammy Awards.

Burtation is an epic fail of saying one's lines when on live TV where it can be preserved forever in internet meme history.
We had a very heavy burtation tonight.
by WirelessCable February 19, 2011
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