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The result of giving insight into highlights and backstage coverage of the 53rd Grammy Awards. Usually heavy in nature. Typically accompanied by the protagonists Darris Darrison and Terry Tazor.
Reporter: "Well a very very heavy burtation tonight. We had a very Darris Darrison byeit and let's go hit Terry Tazor inloshabit and head the pet."
by leprechaun7 February 21, 2011
An occurance in which a person has a complete 'brain fart' and does not make sense in speaking. A person's brain is in high overdrive and suffers a temporary 'blonde' moment. Sometimes this burtation is heavy.
"Well a very very heavay - uh - heaveh burtation tonight. We had a very darist-darison, by, lets go hit teret taysan those to the bet who had the pet."
by Taris Taysen February 21, 2011
fumbling words and/or phrases; mispronouncing words; the inability to convey a point; accidental gibberish; tongue-tied
Well a very very heavay - uh - heaveh burtation tonight. We had a very darist-darision, by, lets go hit teret taysan those to the best who had the pet.
by Candina February 20, 2011
Bur-ta-tion ber-tay-shuh’n

1. A big mistake or blunder that one makes and is widely noticed by others
2. A major event or happening, usually heavay in nature.
3. A chaotic but entertaining series of events
4. A temper tantrum or small scale nervous breakdown
5. Any excessive expression of emotion
6. The act or state of burtating

Origin: American English, February 13, 2011—the first burtation occurred at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards when television reporter Serene Branson suffered a complex migraine on air.
“Well a very very heavay uh…heavay…duh…burtation tonight. We had a very darist darison. Bite, let’s go ahead and terish tazen low shklibet that had the pep.”
by tfxh5 October 02, 2011
It's what happens backstage at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards. It's very similar to "darist darison", but much, much heavier I'm afraid. Always singular - there are no known cases of multiple burtations. (Etymology - created by Serene Branson, CBS LA news reporter.)
Well a very very heaveh - uh - heavy burtation tonight. We had a very darist darison, by, let's go hit teret taysan those to the bet who had the pet.
by bustapost February 23, 2011
A heightened state of anticipation (characterized as 'heavy'), especially before an awards presentation.

Coined by CBS LA Reporter Serene Branson, prior to The Grammys, on 13 Feb, 2010.
Well, a very, very heavay, uh heavy duweh...uh burtation tonight. We had a very darriss, darrision...but let's go ahead, terris taison dos cablit the had lapet.
by ToddUncommon February 14, 2011
When someone starts speaking then descends into gibberish. The first burtation took place during Serene Bransons live coverage of the 53rd Grammy Awards in February, 2011
Well, a very very heavy, uh, heavy du-- burtation tonight... we had a very der-- derrison bight... let's go ahead teritizing those poola bit, the had buh pat.
-Serene Branson

I tried to ask Alice out on a date but I was drunk and nervous so my proposal became a total burtation.

Some rambling homeless man tried to sell me drugs I think but I'm not sure because he was having a burtation.
by derpopolis February 14, 2011
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