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A person that should not go out in public alone.

A style of clothing/dress/hair/piercings that is so weird it cannot be unseen and is indescribable.

A person that is loosing touch with society because of massive amounts of time spent indoors.
Marcie- Is Leah taking fashion tips from Socially Dangerous magazine again?
Stacy- Oh God, don't let her out in public, what people will see cannot be unseen.

Meanwhile in Japan, the gameshows there usually include socially dangerous costumes, I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those outfits.

Mike- Have you seen Steve around lately?

Adam- No, he's been in his WoW world for two months now
Mike- Oh no! once he reaches level 80, he's gonna be socially dangerous!

Adam- Dude, best bring him back to reality gently...
by flamingriver August 30, 2010

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