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"Gay Much" is used in everyday conversations to state that somebody is acting very 'gay'. It is also to suggest that one (persumably a male) likes to become aroused around other guys. Often can be used in threatening situations where a person find themselves proned to attack from say a rapist or cock hunter.
1. You are with a group of mates and suddenly you see a male checking out another male, you then say gay much.

2. A gay man starts wandering towards you, he then says come here little boy. You then say 'Gay Much', this will in turn cause the attacker to become confused and weak, he will start foaming around the mouth, then will collapse on the ground and die.
by WillTurnerMan November 02, 2009
You say when you think someone is not good looking or hot. Often used in situations where one does not want to have sex because the person is ugly. To make one run away and cry
1. One says Hey. You then reply with 'Not Hot' to make this person feel down and emo.

2. A couple are about to have sex. The male/female then says Not Hot to suggest they do not want to engage in erotic activities.
by WillTurnerMan November 02, 2009
A nickname to suggest one (a male) is very into having sexuall thoughts about other men. Can also be used to say that a certain male has a fetish for one particular name, and will tend to have sex with people with this name.
You think one has gay thoughts about men, you then call them "Tomo".

If one tends to spade and have sex with girls only the same name. For example 'Hannah', then you call them "Tomo".
by WillTurnerMan November 02, 2009
1.When somone finds a hot guy/girl on holiday then has sex with them.

2. Casual sex in the holidays
1.Hey man. You have a good holiday pounding?

2. hey babe. Wanna give me a holiday pounding'.
by WillTurnerMan December 06, 2009
1.When Someone is so on high on weed that they can't tell the difference between a girl or a boy.

2.When someone has finished casually smoking some weed.
Hey James Thompson(Tomo). Weeded out much?
by WillTurnerMan December 06, 2009
To suggest that one is very keen on enganging in alot of high paced erotic actions. Also to let one know that they are very hot and sexy and that you would like to engage with them.
You see a fine male/female walking, you then say 'Keen Much' telling her/him to fuck you
by WillTurnerMan November 02, 2009
1. Just a word used after using another word to make it heaps cooler

2. Used at the end of a sentence to piss people off.

3. The best word in the English dictionary
1. Jealous much?

2. Wana come and get drunk with me much?

3. gay much?
by WillTurnerMan December 06, 2009

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