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The act of laying flat on the ground with a weapon in an online game. It usually involves a player laying on the ground with a weapon that doesn't require skill or with a weapon that isn't made to be proned with.
That demon lala is proned in the corner, camping again!
#prone #proner #proned #prones #proning
by FCan February 01, 2008
Similar to "pwn'd", "proning" is the act of going prone on a defeated enemy (similar to the act of teabagging). It originates from games such as Call of Duty.
noob just got tots proned
#prone #pronage #prone'd #pwn #pwnage #pwnd #pwn'd #call of duty #cod #teabag
by rabidsnakemonkey May 09, 2008
Uber skill involved in Battlefield 1942 whereby one hits the deck with remakable force without sustaining damage. Used to dive out of the way, avoid fire etc.
He proned over the sandbags
by n00bsicle October 20, 2003
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