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Next generation Sub Machine gun Made by H&k or Heckler and Koch a German fire arms company. Fires the much smaller 4.6x30mm round instead of the 9x19mm round. The 4.6x30mm bullet is claimed to be able to pierce nato grade body armor up to 200 meters.
When the Swat shot the gangster with the MP-7 the 4.6x30mm flew straight through him like a needle and unphased him until the fifth shot.Then he died
by Scannerfish June 18, 2005
The pocket-assault-rifle. The german answer to the FN P90.

Resembling a Sci-Fi Pistol it can be shot one-handed.
High armor piercing capability, low recoil, tiny in size.

What the Mp5 is for law-enforcement, the MP7 will be
for Spec-Ops in the future.
Nobody knew he packed a gun, till he pulled
his MP7 out an unleashed hell on those guys
who thought they were safe in their Type 3 Body Armor.
#pdw #mp7 #fnp90 #assault rifle #heckler&koch
by Weltregierung October 11, 2006
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